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Some of our books are accompanied by audio CD's or video DVD's.  These materials may be used by themselves or with course guides, as a course or program of healing by oneself, with a companion, or with a group.  These courses have been used in a wide variety of settings in many countries, including faith sharing groups, youth groups, 12-Step recovery groups, prisons, psychotherapy centers, etc.  The course guides are simple and the programs easy to use.

Our thinking and our audience have evolved over time.  Although our fundamental message of love has not changed, some aspects of our earlier resources no longer represent us well.  The resources listed first below are closer to our current thinking and how we work with audiences now.  We have included our other resources here for those who will still find them helpful.  We are currently working on a new course, to accompany our next book, on near-death experiences,and that course will be available on this website.


Difficult Scriptures: How to Read Them in a Healing Way

Single talk that can be used to accompany the book Understanding Difficult Scriptures in a Healing Way.

MP3 CD/$7.00


Healing Spiritual Abuse & Religious Addiction (1994)

Set of three talks on MP3 compact disc to accompany book.

MP3 CD/$7.00


Belonging:  Healing &  12 Step Recovery (1992)

CD or DVD versions and a course guide to accompany book for use as a program of recovery.

$12.00  MP3 CD containing twelve talks

$32.00 Set of four 2-hour DVD's


Good Goats:  Healing Our Image of God (1994).

DVD program to accompany book.

DVD/ $19.95


Good Goats: Healing Our Image of God (1994).

Compact disc in MP3 version or set of two audio tapes that may be used to accompany the book Good Goats: Healing Our Image of God and/orHealing Spiritual Abuse & Religious Addiction.



Dying to Live:  Healing through Jesus' Seven Last Words 

(with Bill & Jean Carr; 1983)

How the seven last words of Jesus empower us to fully live the rest of our life. Discs and course guide may be used with the book Healing the Dying (with Mary Jane Linn, l979).

$10.00  MP3 CD containing eight talks

$25.00 Set of two 2-hour DVD's




CD's and DVD's are available from:


Linn Ministries

2625 Bald Mountain Rd., East Side

Vail CO 81657

phone: (970)476-9235


We accept checks.  Please include postage: within the U.S., add $3.50 for the first $15 and $.75 for each additional $10 of the total (e.g., if your total is $35, the postage is $5.00).  Outside of the U.S., please contact us regarding the cost of postage.



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