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Healing the Future:  Personal Recovery from Societal Wounding (2012)

This book recounts a journey in which we were nearly overwhelmed by the toxic aspects of our society.  As we noticed what helped us, we began giving retreats on "Healing the Future."  Here we share how we and our retreatants recovered.

We are between two worlds.  The world we've known, of competition, rewards and punishments, individualism and domination, is crumbling around us.  A new world, with different economic, political and spiritual assumptions, is emerging.  How can we live through this transition, in touch with our power to fulfill our dreams for ourselves and our children?  Based upon research in psychology, biology, spirituality, current affairs, and other fields, this book also offers simple healing processes for facing the future with confidence and hope, drawing upon the inner wisdom that has guided us through13.7 billion years of evolution.

Paulist Press  $19.95


Making Heart-Bread  (2006)

In a world where our children are bombarded with messages telling them what they must have in order to be happy, how can we help them know from within what will bring them genuine and lasting happiness?  Through the simple story of a girl making bread with her grandmother, this book reveals a universal and centuries-old practice of discovering how to take in love from the day's nourishing moments and how to heal the hurtful moments that took life away.  Includes a section for adults who want to help children (and perhaps themselves, as well) spend just a few minutes at the end of each day making heart-bread.  Together, child and adult can for the lifelong and life-giving habit of choosing happiness that endures.  Based upon our book for adults,  Sleeping with Bread Illustrations by Francisco Miranda.

Paulist Press  $16.95

Healing Our Beginning  (2005)

A simple introduction to how experiences in the womb and at birth can affect us throughout the rest of our life.  Early wounding includes being unwanted, abortion attempts, trauma to the mother during pregnancy, twin loss, medical interventions and birth complications.  These wounds can be prevented or minimized in unborn babies and healed in children and adults.  Includes healing processes, games and activities for pregnant mothers, babies, children, and adults.  (This book replaces Remembering Our Home.)

Paulist Press  $8.95

What Is My Song?  (2004)

Children's book based upon our book for grownups, Healing the Purpose of Your LifeEach one of us comes into this world for a special reason, with a song that only we can sing.  Children know this.  Parents who are listening (including adoptive parents) and other caring adults will often hear something of a child's song long before the child is born.  We don't need to teach our children their special purpose in life, as we would teach them to read or ride a bike.  Rather, we need to help them remember what they already know.  Illustrations by Francisco Miranda

Paulist Press  $16.95  (Hardcover)

Understanding Difficult Scriptures in a Healing WayUnderstanding Difficult Scriptures in a Healing Way (2001)

Since loving connection is the central theme of the Bible, reading any scripture passage should help us feel closer to God, ourselves, others and the universe.  What do we do with “difficult scriptures” – those that seem to present an unloving, frightening or narrow image of God? This book is about a few such passages that turn out to be wonderful surprises...and suggests simple ways of interpreting any passage that help us find the essence of the scriptures: a consistently loving, healing and salvific God.

Paulist Press $12.95


Healing the Purpose of Your LifeHealing the Purpose of Your Life (1999)

Each of us comes into this world carrying with us a special purpose given us by God, what Agnes Sanford called our "sealed orders."  When we follow our sealed orders, we become fully alive, resolve midlife crises and avoid burnout.  This book is to help us discover our sealed orders and heal the obstacles to living them out.

Paulist Press $12.95



Simple Ways to Pray for HealingSimple Ways to Pray for Healing (1998)

This book contains the eight simple ways of praying for healing that we have returned to most often in our ministry, and integrates spirituality with contemporary physics and psychology.  These ways of praying are simple enough for small children, yet profound enough to touch sophisticated adults.

Paulist Press $12.95



Don't Forgive to SoonDon't Forgive Too SoonExtending the Two Hands That Heal (l997)

When we are hurt, we are tempted to either act as a passive doormat or to strike back and escalate the cycle of violence.  We can avoid both of these temptations and find creative responses to hurts by moving through the five stages of forgiveness.  In so doing, we discover the two hands of nonviolence:  one hand that stops the person who hurt us and the other that reaches out, calms that person and offers new life, not only to individuals but to social structures as well.  This book has healing processes so simple that children can use them.

Paulist Press $12.95


Sleeping with BreadSleeping with BreadHolding What Gives You Life (l995)

A simple process--for individuals and for families and others to share--of reflecting on each day's consolation and desolation.  This process can help us get in touch each day with both hurts and healing, guide our decisions and help us find the purpose of our life.  Includes a question and answer section at the end.  Especially recommended for family spirituality, for couples and for communities.

Paulist Press $12.95



Good Goats: Healing Our Image of GodGood GoatsHealing Our Image of God (l994)

We become like the God we adore.  Thus, one of the easiest ways to heal ourselves and our society is to heal our image of God, so that we know a God who loves us at least as much as those who love us the most.   Discusses whether God throws us into hell or otherwise vengefully punishes us, and the role of free will.  Includes a question and answer section that gives the theological and scriptural foundation for the main text. 

Paulist Press $15.95


Healing Spiritual Abuse & Religious AddictionHealing Spiritual Abuse & Religious Addiction (l994)

Why does religion help some people grow in wholeness, yet seem to make others become more rigid and stuck?  What are  religious addiction and spiritual abuse, and how can we heal the shame-based roots of these behaviors?   Includes how spiritual abuse can also be sexually abusive, and how scripture has often been used to reinforce religious addiction and spiritual abuse.   Concludes with an image of healthy religion, in which we are free to do what Jesus would do.

Paulist Press $11.95


Belonging: Bonds of Healing & RecoveryBelongingBonds of Healing & Recovery (l993)

Recovery from any compulsive pattern is integrated with contemporary spirituality and psychology.   This book helps the reader discover the genius underneath every addiction.  Defines addiction as rooted in abuse and as our best attempt to belong to ourselves, others, God and the universe.  Recovery comes from finding a better way to belong.

Paulist Press $14.95



Healing the Eight Stages of LifeHealing the Eight Stages of Life (l988)

Based on Erik Erikson's developmental system, this book helps to heal hurts and develop gifts at each stage of life, from conception through old age.  Includes healing ways our image of God has been formed and deformed at each stage.

Paulist Press $16.95




Healing the Greatest HurtHealing the Greatest Hurt (l985)

Healing the deepest hurt most people experience, the loss of a loved one, by giving and receiving love and forgiveness with the deceased through the Communion of Saints.  Also includes healing relationships with those deceased who have hurt us, with past generations, suicides, and miscarried, aborted and stillborn babies.

(Chapter 4 is available in condensed form as a leaflet entitled, "Prayer for the Dead that Heals the Living". Chapter 7 is available in condensed form as a leaflet entitled, "Healing Relationships With Miscarried, Aborted & Stillborn Babies.")

Paulist Press $14.95


Praying with Another for HealingPraying with Another for Healing (1984)

Guide to being with another in a healing way.  Includes examples of a wide variety of hurts, such as sexual abuse, depression, loss of a loved one, etc.

Paulist Press $11.95




To Heal as Jesus HealedTo Heal as Jesus Healed (with Barbara Shlemon Ryan; 1978, revised l997)

This book, also on praying with another, emphasizes physical healing, including the healing power of the Sacrament of the Sick. 

Resurrection Press $8.95




Healing The DyingHealing the Dying (with Mary Jane Linn; 1979)

How the seven last words of Jesus can help us prepare for death...and also for life.

Paulist Press $9.95




Healing Life's HurtsHealing Life's HurtsHealing Memories through the Five Stages of Forgiveness (l978, revised 1993)

Contains a thorough discussion of the five stages of dying and how they apply to the process of forgiveness.  This is our most complete resource on forgiveness, integrated with psychosomatic medicine.

Paulist Press $14.95 



Healing of MemoriesHealing of Memories (l974)

A simple guide to inviting Jesus into our painful memories to help us forgive ourselves and others.  Our simplest book.

Paulist Press $9.95

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