Our purpose is to support personal growth and the evolution of our planet by integrating spirituality, psychology and science in ways that empower all of us to heal personal and social wounds and discover our unique gifts for carrying out the special purpose of our lives.  Our ministry is committed to the nonviolent resolution of personal and social conflicts, care for the earth, gender and racial equality, economic justice, and respect for all spiritual traditions.  Our roots are in Ignatian spirituality, which emphasizes the movement of love and life in all things.

       Dennis, Sheila & Matt Linn give retreats and seminars on processes for healing and reconciliation that integrate spirituality with psychology, medicine and science.  They have worked in over fifty countries and in many universities and hospitals.  They are the co-authors of twenty-two books, the first five by Dennis and Matt only.  These books have sold over a million copies in English and have been translated into more than twenty languages. Dennis and Sheila live in Colorado with their son, John.  Matt lives in a Jesuit community in Minnesota.